iOS 4.3: Now Available, Brings Personal Hotspot and Enhanced AirPlay


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Apple has just released their latest version of iOS, iOS 4.3. This update brings many new features to your iDevices such as the long-awaited mobile hotspot feature, which is finally making its way to AT&T's iPhone 4.

This version also brings new AirPlay features, which enhance Apple's wireless sharing of media between AirPlay-compatible devices such as your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

It also brings iTunes Home Sharing to iOS (which lets you share iTunes content between networked computers with sharing enabled).

We will be taking a look at the new version as we test it out on our iPad, expect some hands-on impressions soon.

Our most welcome feature? The return of the orientation lock switch on the iPad. Thank you, Apple. The mute button was just terrible.

Also important to know is that the software is compatible with the following products:

– iPhone 4 (GSM, which is just a fancy way of saying the AT&T one)  

– iPhone 3GS

– iPad

– iPod touch (4th Gen)

– iPod touch (3rd Gen)

The iPhone 3G is no longer compatible with this update, as it seems that Apple has phased it out completely.

Simply plug in your device and hit update. Make sure you sync before doing anything just in case something goes wrong. Then get ready to sit back for 20 minutes or so as iTunes updates your machine.

Also, jailbreakers should remember to avoid this update until something official is released by a reliable team. We will keep tabs on the jailbreak news and post as soon as we see a release.

The rest of you can get to downloading anytime.

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