iPad 2: Apple’s Guided Tours

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Apple has posted some iPad 2 guided tour videos on their website.

As you get older, the years pass you by. It’s still crazy to think that it was already more than a year ago when we all sat around our computers reading the liveblogs (Apple wasn’t streaming at the time) just to see what this rumored “iSlate” or the then laugh-inducing “iPad” tablet from Apple was going to be.

We only knew it was some kind of touchscreen giant iPod-type thing that was supposed to be pretty cool. Then the wait from January to April as we all wanted to get our hands on it. Yeah, it’s almost been a year since the iPad was released, and right on schedule Apple is releasing an update to their popular tablet.

Crazy thing is that it’s hard to believe it’s already been that long, and the iPad 2 launch is tomorrow, March 11th.

The iPad 2 is adding a few features such as a speed boost and a FaceTime camera, and as before, Apple is running various videos to show off how the iPad 2 works in a regular setting. Some don’t understand how Apple manages to sell so much hardware. These videos show exactly why. It’s not the features alone that make consumers crave the iPad, it’s how well they market their products. Just watch the videos of everyday-type people doing everyday kind of things: reading, browsing on the couch, FaceTime chatting with parents and all that cutesy stuff.

Somehow, they just know how to put a product on a video and make users say, “Man, that looks nice, maybe I’ll pick one up.”

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