iPad 2 Hack: Mirror Display Wirelessly


We've all seen the mirroring with the iPad 2. It's made possible by a little dongle that Apple sells with an HDMI out so that users can connect their device to an HDTV. The problem is, you have to use that darn cable to connect your iPad. Otherwise, you have no picture. Not exactly useful.

Well, someone didn't really like the idea of having to be tied down while doing a presentation, and they had some smart dude figure out how to make the iPad 2 display mirror wirelessly.

The downside is that it makes the iPad 2 a good deal heavier, but this may not be a huge problem for those doing a presentation as it beats being confined to a small area near your screen becuase of a cable. 

So it took an HP Wireless TV connect, powered by a laptop, and a battery pack for the transmitter, which would be plugged into the iPad 2 and put into a shell that would house those components.

The video above shows it in action, but the most interesting part is the second half, which is an explanation of how it all works. Worth watching, and according to the fellow who was able to put the thing together, the setup will run you about $275. Probably not ideal for most of us, but might be exactly what a small business could use for presentations

[Via Reddit]

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