iPad 2 Jackets: The iPad 2 Case Announcement

The major iPad 2 announcement today is really not just for the device itself, but the peripherals that can be used to integrate it into your life more safely.  Beyond the iPad 2 HDMI cable that will allow for 1080p video out, the other major iPad 2 accessory that was announced was the new iPad 2 case.

The new iPad 2 case really does follow its development from the successes of the previous versions, essentially creating a stable hold for the back with a flap that will cover the front.  This flap utilizes microfibers so that it will essentially keep the iPad 2's touch screen clean and the entire case is designed to only add a small amount of weigth to the light device overall.

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The cover will kind of "snap" into place on the top of the iPad 2, making it a very concrete protector in that it will likely not breeze open when the device is in transit.  There is an autoalign feature here that keeps it strait with a magnetic impulse and you can get it in either a polyurethane or leather variety, depending on your preference.

For video and more info click here.

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