iPad 2: Tips for the New User

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The iPad 2 is now making its way to households, and because devices like tablets attract new types of users, some may not be familiar with iOS and iDevices. It’s very easy to use, but it may take new user a little while to get the hang of how it works.

With the release of new hardware, we typically run posts on how to get started with your cool new tech toy. While those who have used an iPhone or previous model will know exactly how to use the tablet, other users may benefit from a few quick tips to get them started.

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1) Basic iPad Tips and Tricks

2) Simple tips for new owners

3) Open Link in new Page in Mobile Safari

4) Make Better Use of that App Dock

5) Hard Reset

6) Use Spotlight search to save time

7) Turn off Auto-correct

8) Keyboard tricks for web navigation

9) iPad wifi connection dropped?

10) Free up iPad memory

11) Disable “Sent from my iPad” message in outgoing emails

12) Parental Controls on FaceTime

13) Change the function of Home Button


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