iPad 2 Video Out: The HDMI Announcement

Beyond the slew of features that were announced moments ago for the iPad 2, one final one comes along with a peripheral itself.  The iPad 2 will now allow for HDMI video out, which means that you can use the iPAd 2 as a portable video device to be plugged into an actual television.  With this HDMI cable you will be able to get mirrored video output as well as a full 1080p video output, which is better than most iPad 2 rumors even concieved of. 

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The real luck of this iPAd 2 HDMI feature is that it will work essentially out of the box and all the applications will also employ it, meaning that using the iPad 2 with a television may be a standard that is coming.

The iPad 2 HDMI cable is only going to run an extra $39, which is just the beginning for Apple's decision to release a slew of peripherals for the coming device.

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