iPhone 4 Unlock Progress Updates

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Two updates in the world of iPhone 4 unlock news. The first comes from none other than MuscleNerd, who has posted on Twitter when asked about the iPhone 4 NCK unlock (an exploit that could unlock the iPhone 4 permanently).

Here’s what he had to say:

“finally got the seczone dumper working (turns out it’s very different than in 2G/3G/3GS, where SZ was simply memory mapped)”

According to blog GeoHot.us, SecZone is “the area in the baseband where the lock state is stored.” and NCK Brute Force is “a theoretical exploit which involves brute forcing the NCK from the seczone the CHIPID and the NORID. So far no one has made public an instance of NCK discovery using this theoretical approach.”

Further, when asked what is currently being worked on with the unlock, MuscleNerd replied, via tweet:

“so the idea is: capture (a) before-seczone, (b) official NCK code (c) after-seczone. Then work out an offline BF flow…”


@ciavanni … after those steps a,b,c, then get back to the SW-based hacked unlock (and revisit BF results when they’re done)

What that means for the rest of us, just take it as a sign that he’s working on it.

In Other Unlock News…

We are also hearing that users can unlock the iPhone 4 on baseband 2.10.04 or 3.10.01. With the Gevey SIM. The unlock works by forcing the activation of the baseband by using the emergency dialer, which is vulnerable up to iOS 4.3, according to reports. Either way, they say that it’s not recommend as the method’s legality comes into question.

It’s probably best to just wait for an official unlock from the Dev-Team on this one as MuscleNerd is already known to be working away at a solution.

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