iPhone 5 Components Indicate Design Similar to iPhone 4

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Website 9to5Mac has found, through sources at Foxconn, that the upcoming iPhone 5 will be similar in design to the iPhone 4. They have also posted some photos of various components said to be part of the next-gen iPhone.

They were able to get the dock connector as well as the headphone jack flex, according to their report and they had the folks over at iFixYouri (an online iPhone repair shop) take a look at it, and they say they were able to make some interesting finds.

They mention that based on certain parts, it’s apparent that the iPhone 5 will come in both black and white, which some may have expected based on the fact that the iPad 2 is available in white and any issues Apple may have had with manufacturing the white iPhone may have been fixed at this point.

If the parts are in fact part of the iPhone 5, it looks as if the handset will indeed have the Home Button after all, something many rumors said would be absent in the upcoming models.

According to the report, the headphone jack flex has also been redesigned slightly. Though 9to5Mac does admit that a redesign of an internal component may not be of much interest to the consumer they don’t forget to mention that it could be an indication of Apple making room for a new internal component and speculate anything from a faster processor to more storage or larger battery or just about anything else that may make the device more appealing than the iPhone 4.

It’s noted that the iPhone 5 will likely be very similar if not the same size as the current-gen iPhone.

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