iPhone 5 Rumor Factory: Larger Screen on the Way?

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New iPhone 5 Rumor

The iPhone 5 rumor mill has not even slowed, and it seems that the recent iPad 2 announcement has only dropped fuel on the fire.  Most recently the Chinese website iDeals China has released what it claims to be an actual image of the iPhone 5‚Äôs design that, if true, would drop a bomb on many of the claims that other iPhone 5 rumor providers have been claiming for months.

 Larger iPhone 5 Screen

First, and most importantly, this iPhone 5 design shows a screen that spans the iPhone from side to side.  This larger screen would assumed to be the same Retina Display, as the general design looks much like the iPhone 4.  The determination here is that the iPhone 5 screen would be a full four inches rather than the iPhone‚Äôs 4 3.5-inch touch screen, which is noticeably larger and will set a new trend with the screen overwhelming the device as a whole.

Competing Rumors

This is in direct contrast to the more recent notion that the iPhone 5 would go back to the curved back design that was present on the iPhone 3Gs and was dropped for the iPhone 4.  This was assumed to be the change because of the iPhone 4 antenna issues as well as the damage that can come from the glass backing, which is a fairly consistent report from Apple directly.

Just Another Rumor

Most people can simply mark this on the wall with the rest of the iPhone 5 rumors such as the inclusion of LTE features, MicroSD, and Near Field Communication.  Since Apple has nixed much of its competition with the inclusion of the Verizon iPhone it seems that they have a little freedom to spread out advancements in the device over the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, limiting the required development needed in a twelve month period.  The new image of the possible iPhone 5 screen may turn out to be true, but many insiders and industry experts continue to question its legitimacy.

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