iWitness News: New York Times Offers Subscriptions For iDevice, Web

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The Big Apple's most prestigious newspaper has agreed to place nice with another "big Apple."

The New York Times announced it will soon offer a range of digital subscription plans to read the newspaper online.  More importantly, it will be offering iTunes users the ability to subscribe in-app, with the House of Jobs skimming 30% of the fee off the top.

While the digital subscriptions are scheduled to launch March 28, the in-app functionality is not expected until the end of June.  Additionally, you don't have to be a subscriber (electronic OR dead-tree) to access the online content on your computer or iDevice — however, you will be limited to 20 articles per month, after which you'll be politely encouraged to cough up for a full online subscription.  (Home-delivery subscribers are exempt from this condition.)

Digital subscriptions will be for four-week intervals, and tiered according to the target device(s): for US$15.00, you can access both the NYTimes.com website and get your current events on your iPhone (or other smart handset).  Got an iPad?  The rate bumps up to US$20.00 per four weeks (web access included).  If you want web, iPhone, and iPad, that'll cost you US$35.00 for the four-week period. 

It's expected that the Times will also offer introductory subscription specials when the service first launches.

[Via MacRumors]

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