JD Power and Associates Ranks iPhone as Number One in Consumer Smartphone Satisfaction

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Most of us are pretty happy with our iPhones. It works, the interface is very simple and it does everything we need it to. The iPhone also caters to many of the more casual users because of the easy-to-read icons and simple navigation.

JD Power and Associates' 2011 US Wireless Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study showed that iPhones rate highest in consumer satisfaction amongst smartphones. The simple interface helped them earn a particularly high rating for ease of operation. The operating system also scored high as well as the device's features and the actual product design, as anyone who has used an iPhone knows knows that Apple strives to maintain a small form-factor that fits easily in the pocket.

JD Power's press release explains areas the surveys cover: 

These two studies measure customer satisfaction with traditional wireless handsets and smartphones among owners who have used their current mobile phone for less than two years, by examining several key factors. In order of importance, the key factors of overall satisfaction with traditional wireless handsets are: operation (30%); physical design (30%); features (20%); and battery function (20%). For smartphones, the key factors are: ease of operation (26%); operating system (24%); physical design (23%); features (19%); and battery function (8%).

Overall, Apple scored 795 overall (out of a possible 1,000), which is only slightly lower than last year's score of 800.

Moto was as close second with 763 and HTC third at 762. 

This is Apple's fifth consecutive time on top of the list, according to JD Power.

[Via JD Power and Associates]

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