5 Known Issues With the iPad 2

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The iPad 2, like any $500 piece of consumer electronics is a complex device, at least for us. There’s a bunch of stuff built between that thin sheet of glass and aluminum backing that we don’t fully know, or care to know, about as long as it works. That said, there is also a lot that can go wrong.

Let’s take a look at some of those things:

1) Dead Pixels

This can be a problem with any screened device. The iPad is all screen, and there are millions of them out there. That means some are bound to have dead pixels. Sucks nonetheless. The truth is, few things suck more than dead pixels on your screen, because they tend to draw the eyes no matter how much you try to ignore them. Remember that dead pixels are not the same thing as stuck pixels.

Dead pixels appear black; stuck pixels are those little weird ones that look like a red, blue or green dot that won’t go away. Stuck pixels have also been known to fix themselves over time.

This image described by iPad, iPad 2, iPad 2 issues, issues with iPad 2, known issues with iPad, ipad problems, problems with ipad, Ipad bleed 

Image from 9to5Mac reader Matt

2) Backlight Bleeding

Backlight bleeding is another problem that seems to be happening to quite a few iPad 2 owners. It pretty much looks like a brighter spot on your screen, as shown in the picture above. It’s usually not horribly distracting while the iPad is in use, but some may think it’s an eyesore. Actually, the writer of this post has that on his iPad 1, but because it was won in a contest, he has no complaints.


3) Speckles in Glass

We don’t know exactly what speckles in the glass means, whether it’s manufacturing errors within the glass itself or dust trapped underneath the glass where the owner can’t remove it. However, this has been reported, so we are just passing the information along.


4) Microphone on iPad 2 3G Records Audio Noticeably Better than iPad 2 wifi (Edit: Whoops. It was the other way around. My sincere apologies.)

This is an interesting one, though it may not matter too much unless you film video or record your voice in GarageBand with your iPad 2. It turns out that the iPad 2 3G wifi actually works better for recording sound through its microphone than the iPad 2 wifi-only 3G, this was found by iLounge. The theory is that it’s because the 3G model has the microphone placed on the plastic panel along the antenna strip and the wifi has the microphone placed along the aluminum housing. Somehow, this may affect the sound. They also note that the GSM has slightly better sound than the CDMA model.

5) Yellow Tinting

This is probably the least troublesome of the issues as it’s been known to fix itself. Basically, some adhesive from the factory hasn’t fully dried and it leads to a weird looking issue like the one shown above. While it may look like a cause for concern, we’ve heard that the yellow disappears after a few days when the glue they use dries up.


There Will always Be Problems

That’s not a negative statement. Any device that’s manufactured in huge numbers (like the iPad 2) will have problems. Hopefully things get sorted out and things will work better in the future as no user wants to pay half a grand or more for a device with defects.

Have any of you had issues with your iPad? Let us know in the comments.

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