5 Reported Issues With iOS 4.3

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It just isn't a major iOS update is there aren't errors to accompany it. But that's expected as there are millions of iOS devices out there that can run 4.3, and each one of them has a unique configuration based on what Apps the user installs, etc.

This latest version of iOS isn't immune to bugs here and there, and there are a few notable ones. Let's take a look at what's been reported on already.



1) Return of the Daylight Savings bug

We aren't sure what goes on behind this one, but it seems that Apple still can't get past that daylight savings bug. It still haunts them several months later, just as it did in October. Heck, even the new year brought a strange bug related to the alarm clock in which it didn't go off. 


2) iPod touch Users seeing graphical glitches

Many users with the iPod touch are reporting weird graphical glitches on their screen. This seems to be more of an issue with those who own the iPod touch 4G. Engadget reported that these problems seem to occur most noticeably in the lock screen and include things like icons that overlap.


3) Gyroscope Issues

The gyroscope issue affects certain apps. It seems that some third-party Apps aren't recognizing it in the iPad 2. This can affect how some games are played, though we doubt there are very many since the gyro in the iPad was introduced less than two weeks ago.


4) Reported Battery Drain Issues

This one is going on in the Apple Discussions forums as users are saying that they are seeing increased battery drain. Personally, this hasn't been an issue for us, but we are sure that results vary with different iPhone models or some that were purchased eight or nine months ago as opposed to fairly recently. Are any of our readers seeing increased battery drain?


5) Springboard Issues

We haven't encountered this one, but some users say that they are noticing decreased Springboard performance. On forum user on iFans talked about laggy Springboard during tapping icons or opening folders. Again, it's an issue we haven't seen for ourselves yet, but information on this problem is sparse.



iOS 4.3.1 Rumor

There is also a rumor circulating that Apple plans to release iOS 4.3.1 in the upcoming weeks. This would of course address the problems above. It's unlikely that we will hear anything from Apple as it's not a major update.

Have any of you had issues with this update? We're interested in knowing. If so, drop us a comment.

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