Koo-Koo For Team Coco: Conan’s iPad 2 Video Brings The Snark

Shed no tears for Conan O’Brien, who was basically left at the TV talk-show alter after NBC wrested “The Tonight Show” away from him and gave it back to Jay Leno.  In hindsight, Conan’s style of humor — hip, ironic, and snarky — wasn’t what viewers accustomed to the just-before-bedtime comfort-food comedy of Leno (and Johnny Carson before him) were ready for.  Team Coco left the Peacock Network with their heads held high, found a new home at basic-cable ‘s TBS, and hunkered down to the task of amusing us in their own inimitable way.

Perfect example: the above video, in which O’Brien and crew cast a jaundiced “i” on the iPad 2 launch — the result of what one “Apple exec” in the clip describes as “the culmination of…two to three meetings.  It’s truly incredible how little we did.”  It goes on from there, pointing out each incremental upgrade with deadpan glee: It’s white!  It’s a little flatter!  It’s got another crappy camera!  It’s got water droplet wallpaper!  And so on.

But taking the piss out of the iP2 launch isn’t the sole domain of TV’s tallest ginger.  JLE Productions, who famously created a “banned” advert for the white iPhone 4, offer their own underwhelmed response to the newest House of Jobs tablet:

Choice “quote” here: “The iPad 2 is available in black or white.  [snort of derision] Yeah, I’ll believe that sh*t when I see it!”

Leave it to the satirists to remind us that the Emperor has no reality distortion field…


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