4 Things About Acer’s Iconia Touchbook — What the Heck is it?

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The Iconia Touchbook 

Acer recently annoucned their Iconia, it's what they call a Touchbook. Basically, it's a dual-screen tablet device, but with the power of a laptop. It will be interesting to see how this machine is received, but it definitely looks like a 'try it before you buy it' kind of thing to us.


1) It's Not Quite a Tablet

Yeah, it lies somewhere in-between, that that may not be a good thing for this little guy.

For instance, a tablet is usually a lighter, all-in-one device that can quickly be accessed or stored away on the fly. This is because there is no need to open it or let things start up. This does away with that by adding the second screen and basically turning the thing into a 14-inch laptop with two touchscreens.


2) It's Not Quite a Laptop

Then of course, most of us can probably agree that tablet keyboards suck compared to hardware keyboards. Anyone who has typed on an iPad can probably attest to that. Sure, it's okay for a quick Google search or email, but it's not ideal for real productivity. We're not saying that Acer can't pull it off, but it will be difficult, and we definitely have to wonder how well typing will work on this device.


3) Has the Power of a Laptop

This is actually a cool thing. Tablets aren't usually all that powerful, but this may actually be a nice device for those who want to have something similar to a tablet. Still, we just aren't sure how well that touchscreen keyboard will work for most.

Here are some of the specs:

– Two 14-inch LED touchscreen displays

– 4GB memory

– USB 3.0

– Two USB 2.0 ports

– HDMI port


– HD webcam

– 6.18 pounds

– Intel Core i5 processor

– Windows 7


4) It's priced at $1,199

That's more than most laptops will set you back. Of course this is basically two tablets hinged together, so we'd expect things to be a bit on the pricey side. We don't know if consumers will bite, but it will be neat to see how people react once they get to use it.

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Yeah, that is actually a touchscreen keyboard

The Age of the Touchscreen Interface?

We don't know how a touchscreen will feel for productivity. To be fair, many of us thought that Apple was crazy when they introduced a phone with no physical keyboard, and look at how that turned out. The question is whether the touchscreen will fully take off. Sure, there are lots of tablets and smartphones out here making use of touchscreens. The question is whether or not that will eventually render traditional hardware keyboards obsolete. Personally, we are fans of a hardware keyboard, but we suppose that anything can change with given time.

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