MobileMe Getting a Major Price Drop?

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Business Insider is reporting that MobileMe may drop to $20 a year, a large price reduction from the previous $99/a year price point. Of course that’s all rumor right now. Though it’s not the first MobileMe-related rumor that mentions a price reduction of some sort. Previous ones though, seemed much more generous, mentioning that Apple would be offering the service to the awesomely low price of free.

The new MobileMe would also offer improved features, such as the Music Locker, which we heard about earlier today when the rumors of iOS 5 being released this fall emerged. The additional functionality would be supported by Apple’s new North Carolina data center, a 500k sq ft facility that is expected to be operational by this spring.

There is also word that Apple may not be revealing the iPhone 5 at WWDC, which has traditionally been the place and time for Apple to show of their new iPhone hardware. WWDC, or Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is an Apple event where iOS and Mac developers meet up and can see the latest happenings in Apple software development, it runs from June 6-10 this year. Whether Apple will in fact delay the iPhone 5 announcement remains to be seen, but the source of the rumor was All Things D, which has a good history of taking care to check out which rumors they post. In other words, they don’t tend to just run anything they hear.


Is Amazon Going to Try to Beat Apple to the Punch?

Amazon may soon be announcing their own cloud-based storage solution, if rumors are true. If that is in fact the case, we may see it later this week, and they would definitely beat Apple to the punch.

Of course there are those of us who just go with something free like Dropbox, after all, it’s plenty for a few word documents.

Either way, each company has its advantages. Amazon already has millions of users, and can simply offer it as a storage solution. Apple however, also has million of users and many of them will associate MobileMe with “My cool new iPhone / iPad 2” and jump on board with Apple based on the brand power that the company has.

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