(Near) Field Operative: Apple’s Plans For iPhone-Based Remote Computing?

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We've heard rumblings for quite a while now as to Apple's future plans for RFID/near field communication functionality in the next-gen iPhone — everything from Apple job postings to reasons why turning the iPhone into a full-fledged digital wallet is a good thing, even flat out denials that NFC won't be coming to the iPhone 5.

But what if the i5 did have RFID/NFC?  What could it do?

How about become a handheld remote-computing terminal?  That's what a source close to the House of Jobs whispered to Cult of Mac.  Here's how it would work: your iPhone would seek out and log into a web-connected Mac, then load your files and settings from the cloud.  The profile would include a list of any apps you downloaded from the Mac App Store.  The apps themselves would not be downloaded to the controlled Mac — until you actually launched one, at which point a temporary copy of the would be downloaded.  Once you sever the connection with the desk computer, all profile data and temporary apps would be erased, and the computer would return to its normal state.  Additionally, any files or external data created with those ad-hoc apps would be saved to Apple's remote servers and synced to your computer via MobileMe.

One also has visions of an Anonymous member hijacking someone's Mac with their smartphone to launch the group's latest DDoS attack.  Maybe THAT's why Apple isn't rushing the tech into the next iPhone…

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