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This is quite interesting…

Notcom, the maker of TinyUmbrella has posted an update on a tool called TinyPwn. For those who haven't heard of TinyUmbrella, it's basically a tool that lets jailbreakers save SHSH blobs of their iOS. Basically, SHSH blobs are a type of verification through Apple's server. It makes sure that your iPhone or iPad is loaded with the latest available version of iOS. If you save your SHSH blobs, you can restore to an older version of iOS by making iTunes believe that you are installing the newest version of iOS.

TinyPwn does just that, but is also said to create custom firmware for your iDevice. This means that this tool could actually help you back up your SHSH blobs and jailbreak your phone which would be very convenient for those who like to jailbreak their iDevice.

Here's what the developer had to say in a recent blog post:

TinyPwn is coming along – I've put HFS* support on the back-burner while I work on my unified device access library. It's still a long way off so thank you all for your continued support. You guys rock!

It's also said that TinyPwn will work on both Windows and Mac, another plus for users across various platforms. Note that he did say "It's still a long way off" so we will be waiting for a while, but it's nice to know that it's being worked on. Of course you can expect us to be keeping tabs on this tool.

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