Now You Can Have Your iPhone 4 in Any Color You Want


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A while back we heard about a kid who had somehow gotten a hold of white iPhone shells and started selling them. Even the Wonderful Wizard of Woz picked one up for one of his iPhones. Anyway, that poor kid is now in quite a bit of trouble with Apple (and we think Woz brought up an interesting point asking why Apple cares, after all, anyone who modifies their case like this is voiding their warranty anyway. If you ask us, it's just another iPhone owner off your back.). What's the lesson here? Don't piss off Apple,'cause they will kick your butt and take you to court and make you regret the day you decided to cross them the wrong way.

Well, it looks like now a website called Focusupply else is selling iPhone parts in various colors, such as pink, red, transparent, blue and green. Honestly, we think they're uglier than … something really ugly. Still, we are sure that there has to be someone out there who is interested in having an iPhone 4 in a shade of green that matches the nasty stuff (actually pea soup) that Linda Blair's character barfed up in the original Exorcist.

As for pricing, each kit will set you back $150, and a owning a white iPhone 4 will run you $145. All kits include the front and rear panels as well as a Home Button.

While you're at it, you may need to look into that Pentalobe screwdriver, depending on what screws are holding your iPhone 4 together right now.

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