On 5, Go Wide: Apple TV To Go HD?

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We already told you about the iPad 2 coming with full 1080p video support — more specifically, via a pricey cable/dongle/passthrough with an HDMI jack.

But it's not the dongle itself that's the magical part of the equation.  The iPad 2's 1080p is the result of its new engine, the dual-core, 1GHz A5 chip.  As we also pointed out in the dongle article, older iDevices could use it to output video via HDMI to wide-screen TV's and the like, but only in 720p format.  Blame that on the older A4 processor.

Guess what else uses the A4 CPU?  Apple TV.

Guess what's rumored to be getting an A5 by year's end?  Like, maybe sometime in December?

Aww, you already know the answer…

[Via 9 to 5 Mac]

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