Pay-as-you-go iPhone 4 Now on Cricket Thanks to Jailbreak



We've heard rumors that Apple is working on pay-as-you-go options and has planned on ways to make the iPhone more affordable in the future, but this probably isn't what they had in mind. Someone was able to get their CDMA iPhone flashed to carrier Cricket after a jailbreak and installing some third-party MMS software.

The video above shows it at work. Of course this option is still pretty expensive at this point as you'd be canceling your service or buying an iPhone 4 at cost, and we know they aren't cheap. Still, if that sounds good to you, at least you know it works–gotta love Cricket dealers.

These sorts of rumors first started with rumors of a smaller iPhone that would be much more affordable than the current iPhone models. Then that rumor was reported to be untrue by the New York Times, but they did say that some sources within Apple said that the company is working to reduce costs of the iPhone.

We also heard that Tim Cook mentioned future possibilities for the company in prepaid services. Something like that seems a bit further off than some would like, but we never know what Apple is planning for June. Perhaps that will bring an official announcement of such a service.

We haven't tried the pay-as-you-go thing ourselves, perhaps some of our readers have. If so, what do you all think of these sorts of services? Have they been ideal, or would you rather stick to a more traditional plan like AT&T or Verizon? Let us know in the comments.

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