Phil Schiller Tweets: White iPhone Will Be Available This Spring

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Good news to those who have been patiently awaiting the white iPhone 4. That is, if you’re still looking to pick it up at this point and not just hold off until the next-gen Apple handset, which everyone expects will be available around the second half of June.

The white iPhone of legend may actually be on the way, according to Apple’s Phil Schiller. This information comes via Tweet from his verified Twitter account. When asked about the handset, Schiller posted the following:


“The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).”



Schiller didn’t specify whether this is the elusive white iPhone 4 or whether white iPhone may mean something coming down the line like the iPhone 5. Still, given the timeframe (this spring) that gives us good reason to believe that this would be an iPhone 4.
Either way, it’s strange that they would even be working to release this model this late in the game. At this point, we all know that the iPhone 5 is on the way, though a white iPhone 4 for $99 later this year doesn’t sound like a bad thing.
No date has been set, but it’s interesting that a higher-up at Apple would be willing to share that information and mention it on a social networking site like Twitter then getting the gadget and iPhone sites all kinds of giddy and excited.
Either way, we’d just choose to wait at that point as the iPhone 5 can’t be far around the corner, especially by the time the white iPhone 4 is released.
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