Puzleman: A Fun, Simple Little iPhone Game

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That's not a typo, the game is Puzleman. It's a simple little iPhone game that's available free of charge, though additional content can be purchased through the App.

Puzleman is an application that gives players a jigsaw puzzle for solving,we tried the first one and it was pretty easy, but we will get back onto the other puzzles when we have more time.

It's one of those Apps we like to call a time waster, and we don't mean that in a negative way. Time wasters are those simple Apps that take up five to six minutes of your time and can be played on the bus or the subway train while on your way to work or school. You can play them without having to devote much thought or time, and you can exit the game as soon as your are done. Dropping back into the puzzle is just as easy, and you continue where you left off.

Note that we had no luck getting this to work on the iPad, it quit on us each time at launch. That's not a huge deal though as the App isn't designed for the iPad's larger screen. That said, it would be nice to see the developer create an iPad or universal version.

The nice part of having your puzzle in App form? You can't lose the pieces. The downside to having that puzzle in App form? You can't frame it to show off your awesome work. And hey, this one's free.

Puzleman on iTunes (free download)

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