Quick Tip: Problems Using iPhone With a Speaker Dock?

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iPod docks are everywhere. We mentioned one recently that happens to be Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day. That reminded us of a minor issue some people may have with their iPhone and speaker docks.
Have you ever connected your device and seen the warning message saying something about compatibility and that your iPhone may cause interference? Chances are that if you connected it to a speaker dock, you saw that warning. It's basically telling you that your cellular signal will cause speaker interference, and that it doesn't recommend doing it. 
Here's the good news, you can do it. The bad news? You won't be receiving calls. Here's how to do it. It's VERY easy:
Settings > Airplane Mode > On
Now you can plug your iPhone into the speaker dock without audio interference. Remember, you WILL have to turn Airplane mode 'OFF' when you remove your iPhone, otherwise people will be calling you wondering why it goes straight to voice mail.

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