5 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPad 2

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With the announcement of the iPad 2 we learned of the many new features that Apple would be incorporating into their popular line of tablet computers. As always, Apple has managed to add a few small upgrades and redesigned the body. Still, these changes are significant enough to make the current model seem old and dated while the sexy new one flaunts its stuff and you just have to own it.

Yeah, some of us will stick to our old iPad, but others can’t wait for that iPad 2 release date so that they can buy the new model. So why upgrade to the iPad 2? Let’s see after the jump.

1) FaceTime

FaceTime is one of the major reasons to pick up an iPad 2. The original iPad does not have a camera, but this tablet is loaded with a front- and back-facing camera. It’s a nice way to chat with the folks you don’t get to see often. In fact, this may be a nice treat for that kid who’s heading off to college and will be far from home for the first time. Sure, they are ready and excited, but trust us, they will miss the family from time to time. We wish we’d had this when we were living 2,000 miles from home.


2) Far more future-proof than the iPad

The iPad 2 is probably ready for the next two years. The original iPad, though snappy, will show it’s age very soon with all these dual-core machines showing up everywhere. Give it another year, and the iPad will seem ancient compared to what’s on the market.


3) You can sell your old iPad and make up some of the loss

Right now a new iPad 16GB wifi will run you about $400. Refurbished models are about $350. On ebay, you can expect to pay between $350 and $400. The auction below was at $370 during the last 15 minutes and shot up to $390 as the auction closed.

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4) You like to read in bed

Those who like to read in bed have no doubt had to hold their iPad in one hand or hold it over their head. It gets heavy after an hour or so. If you were to drop it, you’d probably break your nose if the aluminum frame hit you. Resting the iPad on your chest gets tiresome as well, because the entire 1.5 pounds is being held on your chest along that half-inch-thick rim.

The iPad 2 is doing to be a bit lighter. It’s also a good deal thinner, this means it’s going to be a bit easier to hold and easier on your hands after extended periods of time.

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5) HDMI out

Who needs Apple TV when you have the iPad 2? Think about it, this baby can output at a full 1080p. Take that, Apple TV. This one can also run other applications, Apple TV can’t do that. Ever wanted to play that sweet iPad game on the big screen? No problem. Heck, if you really want to, you can just go ahead and use this thing to read a book on your 57-inch HD screen. Why? Heck, just because you can!

Note: To make things clear, this adapter also works with the iPad, iPhone 4 and the iPod touch 4G. However, only the iPad 2 will take advantage of the 1080p mirroring, all the others will only display 720p.


The Next Generation of iPad

It’s crazy to think that just a year ago, we were anticipating the release of Apple’s new tablet computer. No one really knew how well it would go. Many said it was just a huge iPhone (though we’d argue it’s more like a huge iPod touch, at least that makes more sense.) Now it’s time for the iPad 2. No doubt it will sell a ton. At least you know that there may be a reason to upgrade after all.

Either way, we have already weighed in on the opposite side of the fence as we give a few reasons that the upgrade my not be worth it at this point.


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