5 Reasons to Hold Off On the iPad 2

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Are you ready for the iPad 2? No? That’s okay. Why upgrade? Heck, if you already own the original model, this one doesn’t offer all that much in the way of stuff that’s absolutely necessary. A camera isn’t a huge deal, it’s little more than a fun way to chat with friends and family, and of course that means they also have to have a FaceTime compatible device. 

So it’s a little faster and lighter, but is it worth another purchase of $500 or more? Let’s take a look at some reasons holding off may just be a good thing.


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1) You already have the iPad, the iPad 2 is a minor update

Chances are that if you’re on the fence right now, you may actually have the original iPad. Otherwise, there would be less reason for you to weigh options at this point. The iPad 2 looks blazing fast right now. That’s cool and all, but it’s probably not a huge improvement once you start installing a bunch of applications and using it on a regular basis. It’s really not a huge deal.

Update: CNET UK recently ran some benchmark tests on the iPad 2 (post since removed, cached here) to show that the iPad 2’s dual-core A5 processor isn’t significantly faster than the previous Apple tablet, at least for browsing.

The chart below shows their results:

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Image credit CNET UK


2) The iPad is good enough for most current Apps and regular use

As we said, the iPad 2 is only a minor update. Some may want that increased speed and FaceTime camera. Still, for those who just like to use some Apps here and there like Netflix, iBooks, Kindle or Mobile Safari have no real need to get a new tablet as the current one works very well right now and would not be phased out anytime in the immediate future. 


3) What’s another year at most? The iPad 3 will blow all current models away

The iPad is only a year old. It’s been doing very well for that year, and still functions much better than even some of the newer tablets. Another year of using that same tablet won’t be a problem, so why not go ahead and hold onto it for a while and know to prepare for the iPad 3 when it launches at most about a year from now (give or take a month or so). At that point, the upgrade will feel much more significant.

4) Plenty of tablets are coming this year, let’s see what hits…as we say, competition is good

There are plenty of tablets on the way this year, some may even add some features that iPad didn’t implement in the iPad 2. Still, even if you have absolutely no interest in the other tablets, the competition from some of the major tablets may force Apple to look into a much stronger feature-set. Rather than coasting along as they have been for the last year, they will know that their machine has to be better than what Moto, RIM or HP can offer.

5) Let’s hold out for that Retina display

The Retina display was rumored for the iPad 2, but many denied the possibility from the get-go. Then, soon before the official announcement, the rumor was said to be untrue. The official announcement just confirmed it. Now a Retina display may be possible on the iPad 3 given the increase in hardware capabilities, and the fact that many are already asking for this from Apple. Of course this can go two ways, but either way, waiting can win: 1) The iPad 3 does add a Retina display, and you get your sweet, sharp screen. 2) The iPad 3 doesn’t get the Retina display, but all of the added features still leave the iPad 2, iPad and other tablets trailing behind it.

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The original iPad. Still good enough

The iPad 2?

Tomorrow we will be posting about reasons it’s best to do the upgrade, because it’s only fair to check out both sides. Of course there will be people who are in one camp or the other, but the choice is all yours. Even here at iSmashPhone, some of us will be making the upgrade while some are perfectly satisfied with the current iPad. Others, are just upgrading for work reasons, such as reviews and hands-on impressions of iPad 2-specific applications.

Why not let us know where you stand by throwing in your comments? 


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