Report: iOS 5 Coming This Fall

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According to website TechCrunch, which sites two sources they deem reliable, iOS 5 will be coming this Fall. Some were expecting a tease during the iPad 2 event, but no such thing happened, leaving those slightly disappointed.

Well, the reason for the rumored delay of the rumored software (that's right we're talking delays in software that hasn't even been announced yet) is because Apple needs to get that whole cloud thing underway. If you remember their North Carolina data center, we've heard rumors about that facility as well. It was originally said to be planned to be running by the end of 2010, but was delayed until this spring.

Now it's expected that the new mobile operating system will be announced at WWDC 2011, alongside the iPhone 5 in early June, and see a release a few months later.

There are a few things that TechCrunch has pointed out about iOS 5:

– Launches in fall and is a "major" revamp

– It could be shown off at WWDC, but don't expect a release then

– will be built around the cloud

– We will learn more about "Music Locker"

Let's hope Apple hops on the cloud wagon soon.

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