Report: Radio Shack Getting the iPad 2 Tomorrow


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The image above was sent to MacRumors from a reader who claims that the photo is of an internal note sent to RadioShack employees.

According to MacRumors, it seems that electronics retailer RadioShack will begin carrying the iPad 2 tomorrow. This comes from one of their readers, who snapped of a photo (above) of what is claimed to be an internal note to inform employees of the availability.

If true, the iPad 2 will be available across 500 RadioShack locations across the country. This is a while after the device's official launch date, but we saw this happen with the first-gen iPad as well because some retailers received it sometime after the official launch. Of course in this case the stores know that they have a hot item, so they probably made sure to start carrying them as soon as it was made possible. Of course the iPad 2 has also been doing a pretty good job of selling out at retail locations like Best Buy and the Apple Store.

The report seems true as Mac Rumors claims to have called several RadioShack locations to confirm that they will in fact be carrying the tablet device. However, it's said that the stores did not know specifics on availability or which SKUs they would carry.

Those who don't have a Best Buy or Apple Store around may want to call up their local RadioShack if they've been looking for an iPad 2 and have been unable to find one.

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