Report: Rumored iOS 4.3.1 Update to Bring Improvements in Battery Life?

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We recently heard a rumor saying that iOS 4.3.1 was on the way, and would be released in about two weeks. This was originally reported by website BGR. It’s no secret, as with any piece of software, that there are bugs in iOS 4.3 these seem a bit more annoying than usual as some iPod touch 4G users have noticed odd graphical glitches, and the daylight savings alarm clock problem still hasn’t been resolved.

Now there are reports that the minor update (still unconfirmed by Apple), which is nothing more than some bug fixes, will also improve battery life. That’s not much of a surprise, is it? One of the complaints that came from users was the shortened battery life of their iDevices. That sounds like a regular sort of fix to us. Sorry, but that’s about as good as saying that iOS 4.3.1 will improve problems with lag in Springboard or the graphical glitches that plagued the iPod touch 4G’s lockscreen for some users.

Either way, BGR does say that they were able to test out iOS 4.3.1 for themselves, and they mentioned that the battery life seemed better. However, they did say “that’s not scientific at all.” In other words, they mean it definitely felt better but they admit that they haven’t actually measured it.

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