Report: Verizon iPhone 4 Reaches 1 Million Sales

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We weren't totally aware of this, but apparently someone out there was concerned about the sales of the Verizon iPhone. Something about a slow turnout at the stores, which we chalked up to being mostly due to pre-orders and the fact that the phone was about nine months old by then.

It turns out that 60 percent of those were pre-orders, according to Dan Mead, of Verizon Wireless. Not to mention, it was freakin' snowing across a good portion of the country.

Analysts estimate that iPhone preorders were around 600k. If accurate, that would put the Verizon iPhone 4 at 1 million sales. Again, these are estimates. Then it's being compared with the AT&T handset, which sold 1.7 at launch. Somehow, it seems that people are trying to figure out why.

We are more puzzled by why people are wondering why the Verizon model sold so much less. How about the fact that the phone is approaching a year on the market? Many are waiting for the iPhone refresh, and many others are still under contract.

Remember, AT&T offered a deal that was VERY hard to pass up with the iPhone 4. Those who had a contract ending within a certain timeframe within the next year, could go on the day of launch and renew with no penalty if they wanted to own the new iPhone 4.

The true test of the Verizon iPhone will come when the iPhone 5 is launched. Those who have been waiting will have their opportunity to pick up the latest and the greatest, and both handsets will be brand-new. If both carriers offer some sort of interesting deal, we might see some strong numbers for both AT&T and Verizon.

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