Rumor: All iPad Models ‘Deleted’ From Best Buy Inventories


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As if you needed any more indication that the iPad 2 launch is approaching, website MacRumors is reporting that Best Buy has already removed incoming shipments of the current iPad model and deleting them from inventory. This is happening with various resellers of Apple's tablet device.

Those who follow the Apple news will tell you that anytime Apple cuts off supplies like that, it means that they are planning another major rollout. In this case, the iPad 2. They want to let that stock finish up and be prepared to ship the brand-new camera-equipped tablet in time for that the release date.

However, it's said that the retailers have not yet entered placeholders or any replacement SKUs for the new device. There are no known incoming shipments, either. What's also important to point out, is that MacRumors does add the following about Best Buy's inventory screens:

[They] can be unreliable … given the company's tendency to use placeholders based on rumors and guesses rather than concrete information, but they occasionally do offer accurate information and can be a good source of insight into supply constraints due to the company's role as a major Apple retail partner.

That said, we won't know for sure until tomorrow. Though we have also heard rumors that the big surprise may be that the iPad 2 will be announced as ready to ship within the same week as the official announcement. How crazy would it be if Apple said, "You can go to Best Buy, or any of our retail locations and pick one up this minute."

Of course, we'd probably all know about it at this point, as you can't hide big shipments like that. Still, it would be a pretty crazy announcement.


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