Rumor: iPad 3 on Track for Release Later This Year

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That's not a typo. According to website CultofMac, an Apple staffer has shared a few bits of information. We don't know the validity of these claims, and as always, we suggest you proceed with a healthy dose of skepticism. That said, here are a few of the main bits of information that were shared:

    - MobileMe is being revamped to include cloud storage features 

    - The iPad 2 is a minor update. It's little more than an increase in speed, and not much of a redesign.

    - The iPad 3 "is the one to get excited about" and it's on track for a release "this year."

We've heard the rumors of the update to the MobileMe service. That was originally reported by the New York Times a few weeks back. We may also be hearing an announcement that it's coming free.

To be honest, that's what we expected from the iPad 2, since Apple's updates are very minor with each refresh.

Now the iPad 3 rumor, that's a kicker. Gruber of DaringFireball originally speculated on this (and that we know of, he had no inside source, he was basing it on an educated guess and saying that the iPad yearly ipad launch month is nowhere near the holiday season, which would be an ideal window for such a device.).

However, CultofMac's source has some things to say: 

‚ÄúFor the iPad 2 don‚Äôt get your hopes up too high. That‚Äôs all I‚Äôm going to say. They‚Äôve had a number of problems along the way, and the third-generation iPad is the one to make a song and a dance about.‚Äù

We don't have those kinds of sources, so we can't say. Still, would consumers react positively to Apple releasing an iPad 3 just months after they pick up their iPad 2?


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