Rumor: The BlackBerry PlayBook May Be Coming in April

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Website BGR is reporting that the BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM's entry into the tablet market, will be launching on April 10th. The device will be available at retailers on that day.

They are also being told that the PlayBook's operating system goes gold master on March 31st, and that users will be prompted to upgrade that device the minute they pull it out of the box and boot it up. This news comes from multiple sources, says the website.

The PlayBook is the second major tablet in running to compete against the iPad, with the first being Motorola's Xoom, which was well-received overall by critics, but most said to wait a few months to see what other tablets come around the corner. Depending on when the iPad 2 is set to release, an April launch date could be difficult against Apple's popular device.

We've been waiting to hear a definite release date on this device. It's been in the works for a while and RIM keeps showing us how awesome it is, but they have yet to announce so much as a release date. Meanwhile, Apple is set to do just that with their second-generation tablet computer, dubbed by the blogosphere the iPad 2. We understand that a good product takes time, but Apple isn't the only rival in the tablet market that's getting attention. Motorola's Xoom has also been getting a bit of notice. While perhaps not as much as the iPad, it's definitely seen as the only worthy competitor by those who have tried it out.

We talked about all the hype RIM is building around the tablet, but because they have not announced a release date, it's starting to feel like it will lag behind very quickly.

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