Rumor: This is a An Engineering Diagram of the iPhone 5

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Are you ready? We're just recovering from the slew of iPad 2 news and two months of heavy rumor and speculation. That's all done now, because the iPad 2 is officially available. You know what that means? It means it's time to go full-force with the rumors and speculation regarding the iPhone 5. Oh well, that's the internet world for you.

Supposedly, the image above is a render of what the iPhone 5 is supposed to look like. If the picture is of what website iDealsChina says it is, then it's the same kind of render that engineers use when building cases and sleeves for the iPhone as it gives them a representation of what it will look like along with exact measurements so that they can design a case through a 3D drawing program (at least that's how we understand it, we're not exactly the engineering type).

It looks pretty much like the iPhone 4 with the exception of the screen being edge-to-edge.

Of course it's impossible for us to know whether or not the image is legit, but we're definitely skeptical. It's easy for anyone to render that out based on the rumors we've heard and 'leak' it on the internet.

Some of the iSmashPhone staffers were talking a bit about it earlier, and we both talked about how the next three months will be loaded with iPhone 5 rumors. That's probably true, so brace yourself.

For those keeping tabs, our only iPhone 5 prediction so far is that it will be faster than the iPhone 4.

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