Samsung Mobile VP Feels Galaxy Tab Isn’t Up to Snuff

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Apple's biggest rival in the tablet computer market may not exist yet. Samsung's Galaxy Tab was introduced to luke-warm reception during the latter half of 2010. The seven-inch screen of the Tab felt very small when compared to the iPad.

Now that Android has been optimized for performance on a tablet computer, Samsung has started working on another potential iPad rival, one that will offer much more screen real estate than the previous Tab and may be better suited to be called an iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Unfortunately, Samsung mobile VP Lee Don-Joo isn't impressed with his company's Galaxy Tab 10.1. Turns out that the larger-screened Tab seemed up to snuff until he took a look at the iPad 2, which was announced by Apple earlier this week.

While speaking to the Yonhap news agency of Korea, he said of Samsung's tablet, "We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate," adding that "Apple made it [the iPad 2] very thin."

The new 10-inch tablet was also going to cost more than the previous Galaxy Tab, a seven-inch tablet, but Lee also admitted that they "will have to think that over," as that would likely put it will over the price of the base model iPad.

During the period in 2010 from October to December, Samsung sold 2 million Galaxy Tabs, while Apple sold around 15 million iPads from April to December, or about 1.6 million per month.

Apple isn't exactly playing nice, though. They took a jab at the competitors by jokingly posing the question, "is 2011 the year of the copycats?" while singling out some of the other tablet makers.

We've talked in the past about why the Galaxy Tab isn't an iPad killer, we also put together a review mix that combined reviews of several popular gadget reviewers from around the internet.

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