Semi-Heavy Metal: Will iPhone 5 Case Take A Pass On The Glass?

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The folks at MAC??????Blog ?were kind enough to translate and pass on a rumor from the ?Economic Daily News, the gist of which is that Apple may be "closing the rear window" on the next-generation iPhone.  As per the artist's rendition above, EDN suggests that the House of Jobs will ditch the problem-plagued Gorilla Glass back panel of the the current iPhone 4 and switch to an aluminum case for the i5.

The article brings up the glass backing's tendancy to scratch and/or shatter (prompting many iPhone 4 case makers to resort to felt-flocked interiors for added scratch protection), as well as its added weight and the issues involved in trying to get the elusive white iPhone 4 to market.

The metal case is also said to alleviate the dreaded "death grip" antenna bezel problems that plagued the iPhone 4's debut (and have reportedly cropped up again on the Verizon iPhone 4).  The phone's antenna will now be incorporated into a resin Apple logo embedded in the case backing.

In addition to the case and antenna news, EDN is claiming the i5 will pack an Apple A5 central processor, and will likely be announced this June or July.

Keep in mind that EDN's batting average when it comes to reporting Apple rumors isn't stellar, so the usual disclaimers apply (caveat emptor, football-sized grain of salt, et cetera).  However, it still points up the fact that Apple's vaunted shroud of secrecy around new product releases consistently fails along the Far East manufacturing circuit…

[Via MacRumors]

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