Springtime For Apple: iOS 5 Due In April?

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Today's hot (news) flash comes from German tech blog Macerkopf.de (by way of Google Translate).  Building on rumors that began swirling around the iPad 2 announcement — specifically, that Apple would update iOS and/or MobileMe — Macerkopf quotes "a source that we consider to be confident" (uh, thanks GoogTran) that the House of Jobs will announce an April media event at Apple HQ in Cupertino focused on both of these pieces of software.

So what would the average Joe iPhone user — much less the average Joe iPhone App developer — like to see in iOS 5?  Better multitasking, for one. An improved notification service wouldn't hurt, either.  Nor would tighter links to MobileMe social networking services.

"Wait a minute," you might protest.  "I'm standing in line to get my iPad 2.  Am I gonna get charged for wanting to upgrade from iOS 4.x?"  Fear not: according to TUAW, Apple's past practice is to grant iPadders one free major iOS upgrade, so iP2 adaptors should be okay.  (On the other hand, iP1 owners who got their OS bump with version 4.2 may be SOL…)

It's expected that the iOS 5 announcement will dovetail with official word on the iPhone 5, still rumored for a summer debut.

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