Starting With a Bookend: Today’s iBooks Announcement

Though it surprised people when Steve Jobs walked onto stage without a previous sighting at the location for Apple's big announcement, it was even more surprising that he began with iBooks rather than going for the big guns first.  He began by noting that in less than a year a 100 million digital e-books have been download for the app, used across the mobile Apple device spectrum.  Steve says that this will lead to a 17,000 book addition from Random House and that there is a full 2500 publishers for iBooks currently.  This includes the six major publishers, which is the major push that iBooks needs to have permanent staying power.

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This sounds like it is only the beginning for iBooks as it continues, and Steve mentioned clearly that iBooks was "one of our three stalks ‚Äî we have iTunes, App Store, and iBooks.‚Äù  This means that you cannot really estimate the success of iBooks without looking at the iTunes account history as a whole, redefining applications, music, movies, and now books.

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