Supposed Leaked iPhone 5 Cases: iPhone 5 Similar to iPhone 4?


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Recently, some cases rumored to be designed for the upcoming iPhone 5 surfaced around the internet. Seems that website Alibaba has posted some of these new cases and labeled them as belonging to the iPhone 5. As with anything like this, it's good to have your doubts, but do keep in mind that according to the folks at 9to5Mac, Alibaba also leaked several accurate cases for the iPad 2. That's not all, it also seems that website Hard Mac has posted some similar cases from a source they deem reliable.

The cases don't offer much as far as new information goes, as the iPhone 5 (let's just pretend for now that these actually are known to be iPhone 5 cases) looks almost exactly like the iPhone 4 in terms of size and shape. Everything seems to be placed as it would be on an iPhone 4, which is probably no surprise as we'd expect it to stay the same for the most part.

This is all in addition to the rumors we've heard, including that image said to be a render of the iPhone 5 intended for case manufacturers to design a case to fit the handset. Which you can see here.

We've also heard some reports that previous rumors of the iPhone 5 getting NFC tech built-in are untrue, despite news of Apple hiring many NFC experts.

Apple's WWDC 2011 is expected to happen between June 5-9. This would mean the opening keynote is delivered on June 5, and that's when the initial iPhone 5 announcement will happen. After that, we can expect the iPhone 5 to land 2 – 3 weeks after that. That's just an estimate, but we don't imagine it's too far off.

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