Tent Sale: “iJustin” Gets In Line For iPad 2 Release

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We've heard of "early adaptors," but this is bordering on the ridiculous.

Dallas, TX resident Justin Wagoner has apparently decided that his goal in life is to be the first person through the door of his local Apple store whenever a gizmo du jour makes its debut.  To the point where he'll literally pitch a tent on the sidewalk outside the store early in the week just to guarantee his place at the head of the line.

Wagoner (self-dubbed "iJustin" — we're not kidding) first pulled this stunt when the iPhone 4 was released.  With the iPad 2's release happening this Friday afternoon at 5 PM CST – and no online preorders announced (guess the House of Jobs wasn't able to shore up the web servers in time), Wagoner is making damn sure that lightning strikes twice, at least in his neck of the digital woods.

He's even gone so far as to create a website (?http://www.ijustinofficial.com/Site/Countdown.html) that takes you to a clock ?counting down to the blessed event, has photos and social-network links, and promises a Ustream video broadcast as D-Day draws near.

And all this for…what, exactly?  Bragging rights?  A thirty-second video bite on the local news?  Maybe a spot on one of the second- or third-tier late-night talk shows?

It's the same kind of drive that compels some blog readers to dash to the comments section just to post "First!"  And it's not like there's going to be a shortage of i2's on Day One: we already know that AT&T, Verizon, and big box stores Best Buy and Sam's Club/Walmart are braced to move a ton of 'em.  And even Gene Munster, our favorite Piper Jaffray analyst, isn't forecasting long lines this go-around.

(DISCLAIMER: This writer admits to waiting in line for three hours to buy Stevie Nicks concert tickets back in '84.  And still not getting front row.  'Twas worth it, nonetheless.  But I was a lot younger then…)

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