4 Things to Know About the AT&T / T-Mobile Deal


  This image described by AT&T, T-Mobile, at&t buys t-mobile, Att_logo_lg

  This image described by AT&T, T-Mobile, at&t buys t-mobile, T-mobile

Today AT&T announced plans to buy T-Mobile. Details are sparse, because the plans have just been announced, and we probably won't be hearing much. Either way, there are a few things we do know at this point.

As we like to do at iSmashPhone, we've cut the big news into more digestible bits of information–here's what we know so far:


1) Who'?

AT&T, one of the nation's largest carriers is buying the smaller T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom. No telling how long this plan was in the works, but it will probably help AT&T in their ongoing competition with major rival Verizon, who now also carries the iPhone.


2) How Much?

According to reports, the deal is for $39 billion in cash and stock ($25 billion in cash, the rest in stock). That's a pretty chunk of change. In fact, the New York Times called it "one of the biggest mergers since the onset of the financial crisis." It's also reported that Deutsche Telekom gets an eight percent stake in AT&T and joins their board.


3) What does it mean for AT&T? 

This means an additional 46.5 million subscribers on AT&T's network, further expanding their reach in the US. According to the about pages for the carriers, Verizon has 101.1 Million subscribers and AT&T has 95.5 million, this move will give AT&T the larger subscriber base.


4) How About T-Mobile?

T-Mobile is the smallest of the four major wireless carriers. According to the times, this deal "will finally gain a path [for T-Mobile] for the next generation of cellphone data…4G, by using AT&T's forthcoming LTE standard."



We're sure more details of the acquisition will come as time goes. For now, this is the important stuff. Some of the T-Mobile users will get that iPhone they wanted. We don't know when the change takes effect, but we're sure we'll all find out soon.

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