5 Things We Expect from iOS 5

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Apple today announced the official dates for WWDC ’11. The event will span from June 6 through the 10th in San Francisco, CA. During that, it’s expected that they will detail iOS 5, an update cycle which normally calls for a spring announcement. Perhaps this is in order to prepare the OS for the next iPhone or to prepare for launch alongside that North Carolina data center we keep hearing about.

There are a few things we can expect for iOS 5, some are rumored, and others–we must admit–are just the iSmashPhone team dreaming. Still, they would not be bad additions to the operating system.

Hit the jump to see what we expect, and hope to see, in iOS 5.


1) Improved Notification System

This one is that one we mentioned we were hopeful for. The iOS notification system is pretty bad. For instance, if you are playing a game and a friend sends you an SMS message or you get a push notifacation from one of your news apps, it interrupts everything you’re doing to show a huge pop-up right in the middle of your screen. Yeah, that’s not convenient. We prefer how our Android-based devices have a nice little notification off to the side, so you know you got something, but it doesn’t take you out of whatever it was you were doing at the time.

2) Improvements in Multitasking features

iOS multitasking is nice for a mobile. It does a lot of what we need it to do. Still, one of the biggest problems is that every app you close will be in the multitask dock until you open it to close them off one by one. This can get tedious. We aren’t saying we know a solution, but we do know that it doesn’t always feel right. We are sure Apple’s software designers are more than qualified to come up with a great way to make this even better.

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3) Use of the Cloud – MobileMe Improvements and Music Locker 

Cloud-based storage is great. Sure, it’s nice to have something backed up locally, but if the worst happens, it’s nice to know that your information is on a remote server somewhere where it’s safe. How it would work, if they go this route, remains to be seen. Perhaps snapping a photo will quickly beam it to your storage space, or maybe you can choose to send stuff at one time later that day. This was reported earlier, but as for how it will be used other than the Music Locker we’ve heard about, we don’t have much.


4) Multitouch Gestures on iPad

We saw this in the developer versions of iOS 4.3. For reasons unknown to us, it was excluded in the final release. Perhaps Apple wanted to hold it over specifically for iOS 5 or improve it a bit. While we understand that this is a feature that may never again see the light of day in an official release, we are hopeful that Apple will include it. Our editor tried it out and said he loves it. Let’s just hope it makes it into an official release sooner rather than later.


What Are You Expecting in iOS 5?

Are you hoping for any or all of the above? Do you think iOS 5 will have support for the 3GS, or will this be when Apple phases that device out? Every operating system leaves something to be desired and iOS is no exception. Let us know what you hope Apple does with the update.


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