Infographic: iPhone Announcement vs iPhone Release Dates (iPhone 5 Rumor Factory)

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Update: We’ve updated to reflect the changes in the usual yearly update plan.

Friends and family always ask us when the new iPhone is coming. They are interested in the iPhone 5. The truth is, few outside of Apple actually know. If we did know, we’d find proof and post it because it would be breaking news.

Here’s what we can do: We can take a look at Apple’s announcement history at WWDC vs iPhone release date and compare them. In truth, it doesn’t give us a whole lot to work with, but at least it’s easier to estimate a launch window for the iPhone 5.

Let’s take a look now:

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The original iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. This 18 days after the June 11, 2007 WWDC keynote. The only difference in the case of the original model was that it was announced on January 9th during the Macworld Expo.


iPhone 3G

Announced June 9, 2008 and released July 11 that same year, 32 days later, this was the first update to the iPhone line, the iPhone 3G. In truth it probably wasn’t much better than the original iPhone other than being more affordable. It had 3G support, and there were a few other things here and there, but overall it was a small upgrade.


iPhone 3GS

The yearly update cycle became a regular thing for the iPhone at this point, and by WWDC 2009, it was time for another update. The announcement was made June 8 and the iPhone 3GS hit shelves on June 19, which was only 10 days later. This time, Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS. This was what we consider the first real iPhone update. It was significantly faster than the iPhone 3G, it shot video and took much better pictures.


iPhone 4

This phone seemed to become a nightmare for Apple. First a Gizmodo leak, then the antennagate thing that followed release. Still, the iPhone 4 managed to be a huge success as far as sales go. It was announced June 7th, 2010 at Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote and released on the 24th of the same month, or 17 days later.


iPhone 5 (UPDATE)

Back when we originally wrote this piece, it seemed as it the iPhone 5 was being prepared for another summer reveal. That turned out not to be the case. Apple has held it back and we are now hearing that the iPhone 5 will be announced and released over the fall months. It’s an interesting development, but we figure it’s Apple’s strategy to make it a hot holiday item rather than a middle of the year release.

We have also added some links below with updated iPhone 5 information.

Original: The iPhone 5 is still considered rumor at this point, but based on Apple’s history (as you can see above) we can count on seeing it release sometime in June. Currently, it’s rumored than WWDC will take place June 5-9. Steve usually opens the events with his keynote, meaning that we should be hearing about the iPhone 5 on June 5. Hey! Think of the potential: June 5, iPhone 5. Anyway, we can bet that the new device will land sometime after that, but figuring out when between June 9 and June 30 will be the fun part.


What’s It All Mean?

It means everything from here until Apple’s keynote is rumor and speculation. We won’t know until we see that iPhone 5 on the big screen behind Steve (or whoever presents that day) with a release date. Then, of course, is the mad rush to preorder.

As always, we will be following closely until the iPhone 5 release date is announced.


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