Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates Robert Bunsen’s 200th Birthday


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Celebrating the birthday of a great scientist, Google's latest homepage offering is a sweet tribute to Robert Bunsen. Some may know the name because of the Bunsen burner, it's a tool that was designed by Bunsen and his lab assistant, and something anyone who's been in a chemistry class knows about.

Though we did read that his actual birthday was on Wednesday, and not Thursday, it's still a very fitting and lovely tribute. It works on the iPad just as well as on your desktop browser. The image brings back memories of our first chemistry set, which we don't remember having a burner, but it had little plastic beakers and flasks and probably involved mixing simple chemicals like vinegar and baking soda to see what interesting things would come of it.

Then there was the Dr. Dreadful food lab, which included a cool little chemistry set-looking setup, but was designed to let us pretend to be mad scientists and create all sorts of disgusting snacks and eat them. We think this was basically the boys are gross counter toy to the cuter Easy-Bake Oven that your older sister always had, but would never let you use.

You can of course check it out on Google's homepage: here.

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