The Man Behind Apple Product Design: What Makes Jony Ive Tick?


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Jonathan Ive, the man put in charge of Apple's product design (or as his official title calls it, "Senior Vice President of Industrial Design) has led the development of some of Apple's most memorable products. The UK's Daily Mail has put together an interesting piece about the designer, detailing his history with the company and some of the inspirations behind his product design.

Here are some excerpts from the Daily Mail's Story:

"Once inside his lab, Ive and his hand-picked team of a dozen designers set to work (to music chosen by one of Ive’s celebrity friends, house DJ Jon Digweed) with some of their most important pieces of technology: the very latest in rapid prototyping machines, which build 3D models of the company’s iconic products."

"His most fevered creations never even make it out of the lab. He works by a process of evolution, and failures simply die on the workbench. One Apple senior executive remembers his first visit there: ‘The creations they were working on were all over the map, crazy stuff. It was always very experimental, material that the world is not quite ready for. Even within Apple, the design team is very secretive.’"

The story also talks about Ive's first few years with Apple and how difficult it was for him to truly take off as designer as he was given a small basement office to work alone in and was "having a pretty miserable time designing Newton PDAs and printer trays."

Jobs returned to Apple and took one look at Ive's designs, saying "My God, what have we got here?" as he was very impressed. The story goes into more detail about Ive's success at Apple, and it's definitely worth a read. You can see it here: The Daily Mail


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