When I’m 64 (Gigabytes): Did A High-Capacity iPhone 4 Escape Into The Wild?

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Made In China Gadgets is claiming to have gotten their paws on an engineering prototype of a 64GB iPhone 4.  The unit was obtained from a source who claims to have a small supply of the prototypes, reportedly leaked from Foxconn‚Äôs factory in Shenzhen, but is otherwise not available in Hong Kong’s grey market.

Interestingly, the phone has the same Model no. (XXXXX) and FCC ID (BCG-AXXXXX) as that infamous lost iPhone 4 prototype that got Gizmodo in such hot water.  (Other similarities to the Gizmodo iPhone: no plus/minus markings on the volume controls, and no silver ring around the lens…) 

The “XXGB” marking on the back panel is consistent with iPhone prototypes.  Checking the phone’s General Settings confirmed the storage capacity and the operating system (iOS 4.1) — and, surprisingly enough, that the phone wasn’t SIM-locked.

M.I.C. Gadget is convinced that, even as the rumored iPhone 5 announcement looms, this prototype is proof that a 64GB iPhone 4 is in Apple’s pipeline somewhere down the road.  Now, if it only came in white, it would be a dream come true…

You can see more images on M.I.C. Gadget’s Flickr stream.  Still not convinced?  Check out this hands-on video:

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