Will Apple Release 4G iPhones Later This Year?


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If anyone can make the rumor mills churn without ever having to do anything, it's Apple. Seriously, they don't even have to try. For example, this latest rumor that says Apple will be releasing a 4G iPhone by later this year.

This comes after the rumors that Apple will not be announcing new iPhone hardware at WWDC, but instead holding it over for a later date. Chances are that the iPhone 5 is that phone and while it will release sometime this year, it may not be in June as we had all anticipated.

This rumor would also fall in place, according to website SlashGear with what's been heard about Qualcomms LTE chipsets, which set to be released around the latter half of the year and are said to have much better power efficiency. This, as some may remember, was what kept Apple from going 4G with their Verizon iPhone. 

Either way, it looks like those who were holding out for their upgrade until June may be waiting a little bit longer than they'd planned. Still, this is all rumor at this point and a lot can happen in the next several months.

Let's just hope the next iPhone hardware update comes soon. It will be nice to see if some of those rumored features make it in this time around.

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