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Word Search games are fun and relaxing. Typically, people buy those little 99-cent booklets they sell at the dollar store and keep it by the bed or the commode. That’s why when we come across a simple game like Word Search Plus, and it’s designed for a device like the iPhone, we decide to check it out. It’s by no means the most complex game on the App Store, it’s probably one of the simplest ones. It’s made to keep those people who aren’t into N.O.V.A. or Street Fighter IV occupied with something on their iPhone, and trying to solve a word search puzzle is a good way to do that.

At 99-cents this is about the price of what you’d pay for one of those word search booklets at the dollar store or the checkout lane at your local grocer. However, this one claims to offer infinite puzzles as they are randomly generated for each game according to your desired skill level: Easy, Medium and Hard, with two advanced modes, Pro and Expert being locked away until you can clear other difficulty settings.

You can select from various categories, and we imagine that it’s very possible that those and the words within them will grow over time. It’s also kind of neat that it allows you to read what the words mean once you finish the round.

The Good

Simple, great for the word search lover. It’s a relaxing game that you can play in bed, or on the porcelain throne. Endless puzzle combinations.

The Bad

Not designed for use on the iPad. That would be a nice addition. Those with larger fingers may have some trouble highlighting letters and words within the puzzle.

The Verdict

Check it out. It’s a nice App for 99 cents. It’s a great way to pass the time.

Nice app, but we really hope to see full iPad support in the future.


App Store Link – 99 cents

Developer site – here

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