Work From Home: VMWare Brings Your Enterprise Desktop To Your iPad

The iPad has taken a major step towards being accepted in the corporate world.  VMWare, "the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure" (hey, their press release said it so it must be true!) have released an iPad-optimized version of their View client for remote enterprise computing.

If your business already has (or is planning to install) the full VMWare View system, you can grab the free iPad app, securely connect to your coporate network, and see/interact with your virtual desktop.  Rather than a simplified mobile app, View for iPad displays your full work PC's Wintel interface; a pulldown menu gives you access to a virtual keyboard and touchpad (for better handling of your remote "mouse"), as well as support for external keyboards (both docked and Bluetooth) and monitors.  There's also a popup help screen to remind you what finger gestures are available, and controls for touchscreen sensitivity and remote-screen intensity.

The app is compatible with iOS 4.2 and up, while the full View implentation plays nice with MS Windows XP Professional  (Service Pack 3) and later Business/Enterprise flavors of Vista and Windows 7.

(At the very least, you'll freak out the person next to you on the train, or in the Starbucks, when they see a Windows session in full swing on your iPad…)


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