Worth Knowing: USB Card Reader Works With the iPad


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This one may be  a nice little solution for photographers looking to import photos to their iPad, but don’t want to worry about device compatibility.

We stumbled onto this one while looking for the daily news this morning. Someone tried out one of those little USB card readers (this is a Kodak 50-in-1 card reader) and plugged it into one of those iPad USB connectors similar to the ones you get with the camera connection kit.

It makes sense that it works, but what’s nice is as the person who tested it out says they are relieved that they don’t have to worry about whether or not a camera they plan on buying will work with the tablet through USB, because they know that their CompactFlash card works fine with it.

Most of the iSmashPhone staff isn’t made up of professional photographers (though there may be someone in there) so a phone camera is good enough for our needs. Still, those who shoot with their fancier cameras like those Canons or Nikons can probably benefit from this.

It’s also useful, according to the person who tried it out, to import photos from other people for printing, etc. Beats carrying a laptop.

You can check out the original author’s post at lowendmac.com, and see how it worked for them.

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